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Our new label: Barolo Vigna Rionda 2012

Written by Alessandro Rivetto on 13 June 2017

Our range of Barolo, originating from the choicest vineyards in Serralunga d’Alba, now includes a new, legendary cru: Vigna Rionda.

For a winery like ours, dedicated to the production of Barolo from the vineyards of Serralunga d’Alba, a privileged relationship with a renowned cru such as this represents a challenge, an evolution and at the same time, the highest aspiration for every winemaker connected with this area.

Vigna Rionda or Vignarionda (in the past it was also known as Vigna Riunda, Arionda or Rotonda after the rounded shape of the hill on which it lies) is situated in the heart of the western slope of Serralunga d’Alba.

For exposure and the geographical conformation of the land it is one of the choicest vineyards in the area.

The altitude between 300 and 350 metres above sea level, a prevalently southern exposure, and mainly calcareous soil rich in minerals belonging to the Lequio Formation, make Barolo Vigna Rionda the essence of its terroir of origin.

Verticality, austerity, longevity, power and structure are the hallmarks that have made Barolo Vigna Rionda a legendary, emblematic wine.

If for many Vigna Rionda is synonymous with Serralunga d’Alba Barolo, for us it is its most powerful, authentic expression.

A wine with great personality, sometimes a little surly, which softens during its long maturation and evolves to become an unequalled balance of power and elegance

Barolo Vigna Rionda 2012

Our Barolo Vigna Rionda 2012 is garnet red with orange highlights.

Despite its still young age, ethereal spicy, sometimes animal scents are perceptible on the nose together with textbook notes of rose hip and ripe fruit.

In the mouth it reveals all the power and austerity befitting a Barolo Vigna Rionda with intense tannins and a persistent, velvety, harmonious finish.