Rooted in the territory, ready to change.

From the solemn vineyards of Serralunga d’Alba to the cultivated valleys of Alba.

From the breathtaking view of La Morra to the hills weathered by the sea breeze in Cremolino.

Our winery lives in the diversity of the landscapes in which it is rooted, in the many histories and traditions that only the hills of the Langhe and Monferrato know how to express.

It is what our wines made with artisan mastery know how to give back to us in continuously new ways.

I like to think of the Azienda Agricola Alessandro Rivetto as a dynamic company in continuous evolution, whose production represents the best of every zone, showcasing the characteristics and unique aspects of every piece of terrain, vineyard, and place.

We let nature express herself without forcing anything, and learn how to complement the time and seasons.

We favor a mechanical approach rather than chemical or technological that is always in full respect of the environment and the people who live and work the vineyards.

Serralunga d’Alba

At Serralunga d’Alba, we cultivate historical nebbiolo vines for making the “King of wines,” his majesty Barolo.

I have dedicated two hectares to my passion in obtaining the area’s most prestigious wine.

Serralunga’s soil is marly and rich in microelements.

Here, the monovariety “Lazzarito” is located, an important cru in the zone that is recognized today as a Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva of Barolo, or special vineyards recognized for their unique terroir and high quality.



In the township of Alba, we cultivate and vinify grapes that come from the splendid area of San Rocco Seno d’Elvio and Como.

We are located in the only Barbaresco and Moscato d’Asti production zones that are within the “capital of the Langhe,” or Alba.

The particular soil composition of marl, river rock, and sand gives our wines inimitable freshness and aroma.

Besides Barbaresco and Moscato d’Asti, here we also produce Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba and Langhe Nebbiolo.


La Morra

The natural balcony with its splendid view of La Morra in the Annunziata Ciotto frazione has become the headquarters of our company.

Our aging cellar is located here, where Barolo waits for long years in the silence of the dark rooms to age and refine. Nearby, between Serradenari and Berri, we also have a small plot of 9000 sqm of Nebbiolo.

The Nebbiolo from La Morra differs from that of Serralunga: the first, grown on blue marls, is of exceptional olfactory finesse, but less suitable for long aging, which is facilitated instead by the compact gray marls of Serralunga, land of more structured wines.

In La Morra, we decided to create a spot that I like to call the wine loft: a welcoming, intimate area for wine tasting immersed in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Langhe.

The soul of the territory is palpable in the warm atmosphere of hospitality and sharing.

Come and taste

the most noble wines of Langa at our Wine Loft.

We’ll welcome you in an environment of conviviality and confrontation, to enjoy together the joy of wine.