Hong Kong and Macao Cina at the speed of light

Written by Mauro Adriano on 18 June 2019

When I get ready for a new destination I reload my bar of “proud langhetto” to its max, in order to bring with me – in addition to the excellent wine – also a bit of this wonderful place I live every day.

There’s no place like home, but this doesn’t limit the enthusiasm I feel when I find myself in stimulating realities such as that of Hong Kong and Macao, cities that have welcomed me with a great mix of conviviality and pretension.

Demanding markets, but with informed and curious interlocutors, in an area of ​​China that makes its fortune from the former colonialism.

Both realities have eradicated from their culture every trace of retrograde influence of the “Motherland”, and are in effect European capitals of the future, prone to luxury, trends and innovation.

A China that travels at the speed of light, but with seat belts on and an almost non-existent risk of crashing.


Hong Kong

This was my first time in Hong Kong, and I’ve brought home with me the regret of discovering it only now.

The energy is palpable and makes you want to seize every single moment: it’s like being projected 20 years ahead, in an even more dynamic Manhattan.

English as a first language and an audience well familiar with Michelin stars have facilitated interaction, with extremely positive feedback on our wines in each of the events.

Dinner and wine pairing at the Above and Beyond

I enjoyed my first dinner in HK at a table of the stylish “Above and Beyond”, on the 28th floor of the Hotel Icon.

The windows all around left little to the imagination of the city skyline, which I could see in its entirety during this Italian – Chinese Wine Pairing Dinner.

The pleasure was all mine in tasting our two Barolos wisely paired with rich meat dishes: the Serralunga 2013 was served with a crunchy pigeon sautéed in wok with black truffle.

The Lazzarito of the same vintage went in a sweeter direction with a seared lamb fillet on a bed of assorted onions.

International tasting at The Wine Guild

The wine shop is one of the most appreciated in the city, and the owner Jean Baptispte, expert and passionate about French excellences, gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to his regular customers.

A public mainly made up of American, German and English expats, connoisseurs palates, who have studied and understood our wines with curiosity.

Thanks again for the incredible experience.

Chinese-Langhe Fusion at the 118th of The Ritz Carlton

The dinner at The Ritz speaks for itself: the most unbridled, elegant and high end luxury that one can conceive, in the multi-starred restaurant on the top of one of the highest skyscrapers in HK.

In the Tosca Private Room, enjoying with me the food and wine show, an international parterre from London, Paris, Geneva, Monte Carlo, Talllin and San Paolo, with some integrated “locals”.

Among the incredible pairing of the evening, our Barolo Serralunga and Lazzarito 2013 were paired with the Lamb of the Pyrenees, on a potato, Provolone cheese and truffle base.

A cleverly studied match that brought out the best in our prince wine.


Extreme luxury in the “Eastern Las Vegas”

From Hong Kong I moved to Macau, another place until then unknown to me, another city reached by our wines.

The culture of luxury at its full potential is what predominates in this former Portuguese land, whose colonial legacy became a UNESCO heritage site in 2005: monuments and squares in the historic center outline a wonderful example of the co-existence of the two civilizations.

The mood is similar to that of HK: it is the city with the highest population density in the world, capital of gambling therefore called the “Eastern Las Vegas”. There is no word to define the frenzy I saw on this day in Macau: super-luxury hotels where the melting pot of citizens and tourists enjoys the excellences of the world.

Wandering among some of the most renowned chains like the Mandarin Oriental, the Wynn and the MGM, I was particularly surprised by the intimate relationship between food and gambling.

An extraordinary choice of starred restaurants – with dream wine lists – that goes hand in hand with the constant line at the casinos.

A “bet” now and a glass of Romanée-Conti immediately after.

This, then, is another reality in which our wines have been introduced, which now count for a considerable number of Km.

It is fascinating to discover how wine changes when drunk in different contexts: in the luxury hotel, in globetrotter wine bars, and above all – favorite location ever – surrounded by the Serralunga vineyards.