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Wines under the tree: which ones to gift for Christmas?

Written by Alessandro Rivetto on 08 December 2023

Laughing and joking, we’ve arrived at Christmas. A time for end-of-year reflections, closing the books, and making resolutions for the new year, of course, but also a time of magic, the atmosphere of the holidays, the desire to be with family and enjoy the simple moments that make life extraordinary.

Some people love wandering through markets and shops in search of gifts, others buy everything online, succumbing to the temptation of modern-day compulsive shopping, while others enter a state of total panic because they don’t know what to give.

Of course, it’s easy for us to say as producers, but if there’s a perfect gift that always makes a good impression, in our opinion, it’s a good bottle of wine. And if the recipient doesn’t drink alcohol? It’s still not a mistake, there’s always a good opportunity to offer this divine nectar and not show up empty-handed in an important setting.

Why give a bottle of wine as a gift?

Giving a bottle of wine for Christmas is a tradition with deep roots in festive culture. There are many reasons why this choice is always a right and appreciated gift.

Firstly, wine is associated with moments of joy, celebration, and sharing. During the Christmas holidays, people gather to spend special moments with friends and family, often around a good meal.

A quality bottle of wine can enrich these occasions, enhancing the dining experience and contributing to creating a warm and convivial atmosphere.

Moreover, wine is a symbol of maturity and refinement. By offering a bottle of wine as a gift, you show that you have thought carefully about your gesture, selecting a product that reflects attention to detail and a taste for the finer things in life.

Which wines to put under the tree? Our special Christmas package

We wondered which wines are ideal as presents during this period, and with our friends at Shop Langhe, we have prepared a special Christmas package with a selection of 3 labels to put under the tree.

First of all, a good Nebbiolo 2021 is needed, perfect with white meats, mixed skewers, and fillets. If you focus on the quality of the meat, success is guaranteed.

The second of the three labels, the indispensable Barbaresco DOCG 2019, is incredibly fine, balanced with a long and persistent finish, the best meal wine in our opinion, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Finally, a real gem to start the celebrations and toast, namely Alta Langa DOCG Metodo Classico Brut 2020: ideal as an aperitif or for toasting on grand occasions.

In short, giving a bottle of wine is a tradition that brings people together, and we sincerely hope you like our special selection.